Damaged culture

In 1987, James Fallows, an American journalist caused a furor when he wrote about Filipinos’ damaged culture. “If the problem in the Philippines does not lie in the people themselves or, it would seem, in their choice between capitalism and socialism, what is the problem? I think it is cultural.” Fallows also noted that “people treat […]

Innocence and Purity

By: L P Enad THERE is this book I recommend to everyone: “The Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco.” In one of St. John Bosco’s dreams, like many of his dreams, he dreamt about holy purity. He saw his boys given white handkerchiefs, around the altar of our Lady, they were told that a storm was […]

Youth, chastity, wisdom

By: L P Enad  IN HIS COMMENTARY on the Gospel of St. John, St. Thomas Aquinas explains, with words that seem too brief for such important things, why St. John the Beloved is more beloved as to receive distinction compared to the other disciples, why he is the αγαπητός -Agapetos. St. Thomas tells us that it […]

Shoot to kill

YESTERDAY the communists in the Philippines commemorated their foundation in 1968. The series of attack against military target is normal as the party’s way of making the nation and the authorities know that they are still around and a capable force. The Armed Forces of the Philippines expected this kind of operation annually, the reason […]

Focus for the New Year

By: Edgar Mana-ay BEFORE we can look forward to 2019 with hope and eagerness, it is but fitting to look back to 2018 and see the fulfillment of God’s promises in our lives and that’s the reason why we are so thankful and grateful. Our gratitude to God will make sense of our past, will bring […]