Mambukal launches pocket libraries, ‘Mambu’ bat icon

BACOLOD City – Mambukal Resort, which is owned and managed by the provincial government of Negros Occidental and one of the biggest tourism revenue earners of the province, launched pocket libraries around the resort and its newest icon, “Mambu, the Bat.”

Mambukal Mountain Resort management, using donations from the employees of the Land Bank of the Philippines, built pocket libraries around the resort to provide easy yet free access to reading materials about nature and the environment.

Aside from being a sulfur spring resort, Mambukal is also home to the world’s largest flying fox also known as the golden-crowned flying fox, which the management made a replica of the bat named “Mambu the Bat”, another attraction in the resort.

The bat’s wingspan averages about 1.5 meters, while forearm lengths range from 180mm to 220mm and body weight ranges from 0.6 to 1.1 kg, that resembles a fox where an estimated number of 10,000 are within the sanctuary in Mambukal.

Board Member Alain Gatuslao, 303rd Infantry Brigade Commander Col. Benedict Arevalo and Mambukal Resort Manager Ellen Jalandoni unveiled the new icon in the resort.

The pocket libraries and the new icon are part of the Conservation Learning Program of Mambukal Mountain Resort.

Mambukal Mountain Resort, as one of the top ecotourism destination in Negros Occidental, focuses on conservation program that is centered on the appreciation and protection of nature.

Arevalo expressed the brigade’s strong support to the conservation program of Mambukal.

“From serving the people and securing the land, the Army also values environmental preservation and conservation through protection of animals and its natural habitat and sanctuary,” Arevalo said. (PIA)

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