Nobleza’s art and architecture

By: Ancel Marie B. Mondia

FRANK Alexi Nobleza, 41, of La Paz, Iloilo City, is back in the Iloilo art scene after two decades of focusing on architecture.

Nobleza describes his art as a continuous learning process.

He discovered his talent when he was in college where he joined school contests and local art competitions. He also participated in the Shell Student Art Competition and Philippine Art Awards.

As an artist, he seeks new approaches by experimenting, listening to other artists, taking risks, accepting negative feedbacks positively and constructively, and being open-minded in all situations.

Nobleza said he pursues his dreams one at a time by asking God for wisdom in every decision and step he makes.

He said problems are part of achieving one’s dream, “like salt that adds flavor to food.”


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