You Are Beautifully and Wonderfully Made

By: Francis Lloyd Sauza

Photos by: Sig Aldeen

EACH and every one of us is on this earth for a reason. No two people are alike—that is what makes each and every one of us so magnificent and special. It’s human nature to judge ourselves, to judge others, and when we’re feeling insecure we start comparing ourselves to other people. We think about whether someone has more money than we do, whether someone is prettier or more talented than we are. But it just doesn’t matter because that person isn’t you and they never will be. You were created exactly as you were meant to be.

For the 29 year-old British-Filipino Model, Actor, TV Host, and Painter, Seigfred “Sig” Aldeen, being different is what makes us special and the world so exciting. For him, you’re best at being yourself—not anyone else. Just like snowflakes, there is no one else on this planet like you. Hence, celebrate the ways in which you are special and unique. Don’t waste your time trying to be like other people. Be the best you and own it. “Embrace your uniqueness. Let go of comparison because comparison is the thief of joy. You are unique. You have greatness within you. You have unique gifts within you. All you have to do is ask a question. And that question is (everyday, do it for 30 days), “What is great about me that I haven’t even acknowledged?” And things will start showing up – your unique gifts. You have your own expression of art. You have your own expression of living. You are just magnificent in so many ways. So follow your truth and do not look outside of you for that. Do not look outside of you for gratification because you are the art. Your uniqueness, your life, your journey is the art.”

Remember, there is nobody else on this earth who has the heart that you have, and that itself is worth treasuring. So never devalue yourself. Never forget how beautiful you really are. Remind yourself that you are beautiful exactly the way you are. We are all perfectly made and created to do what we’re meant to do in this world. You are precious, you are unique, and you are special, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



Remember how amazing it felt to be a little kid? Running around outside and playing with your friends without a care in the world? When other kids get outside and play with their friends, Sig’s version is to paint. Knowing that he could sit alone in a room and paint to express the way he felt brought him so much comfort. It helped him learn how to love his solitude.

“I love to paint. Painting is something that I enjoy very very much. It allows me to express who I really am. And it’s so enjoyable and yet so easy and it’s just wow, you know, it’s so much fun. I started painting at the age of five. I would always sketch. I often love being by myself. Actually, I recall a very early memory sitting on my aunt’s terrace at the age of five (four or five) and here I am looking at a scenery, at a river, and I started drawing it. And then using sort of watercolor to paint it. This is the thing that I just love to do when I was young.

“I just love spending time by myself and I would sketch people, I would draw, I would paint. But at that time it was watercolor. So just from there I just thought something that is innate within me and that, you know, that I just enjoy it so much. It was so much fun for me.”

Sig encourages each and every one of you to find the same thing for yourself and nurture it every single day. Remember to find enjoyment in your work and find fun in everything you do. Let the thing you love become your protector and your best friend.



Our thoughts are so powerful that we must always be mindful and conscious of what we’re telling ourselves. We have the power to manifest anything we want with the power of our thinking. So often we can get into a pattern of negative thinking without even realizing it, and before we know it we have brought into our lives the very thing we were afraid of. The good news is that this principle also works for positive thoughts. By thinking wonderful things about our lives we are subconsciously changing them with the energy of our perspective.

Sig has spent so much time focusing on what was on the outside rather than what was on the inside. In a way he was dead on the inside. But once he started to embrace his feelings, he started to feel whole again. When he started focusing on himself, who he really was, he started to cultivate a loving relationship with himself. It was only then that he was able to feel confident and beautiful in his own skin.

“In my point of view, art is a journey of self-discovery and this is what I mean by that. Throughout high school, I also went to art college which I got a distinction for top grade for going to art college and I got a scholarship to an art university, Canterbury Art University in the United Kingdom. I’m half-Filipino, half-British. I grew up in the U.K. So this is the thing, when I was painting at that age when I was doing art, what I mean by self-discovery is I was very judgmental towards my art. I would always compare it to other artists, to other people, and I would always use those other artists or other people as a sort of comparison against my art. And I’d be like, well, it doesn’t look like that, therefore it’s not good.

“My art doesn’t look like this kind of art which means there’s something wrong with my art. When in fact, as I was very critical, I was very judgmental but that was always a reflection of who I was at that time. I was very judgmental about myself. I was such a perfectionist. I would always compare myself to things and people outside of me. So when I got into this journey of self-discovery the voice of judgment became lower and lower and lower and lower and lower. Comparison became nonexistent because whenever I started comparing my art or started comparing myself to something else outside of me I would be aware and I would be conscious, ‘Ah that again’.”

So as I became more aware, as I became more conscious, as I became more connected to who I really am, it allowed me the freedom to express the greatness within me – the uniqueness within me and that reflected in my art. That uniqueness reflected in my art because I was no longer judging if it was wrong or right or good or bad. It’s just is. You cannot judge expression because expression – just is. It’s a being, it’s an energy.”

The power of the mind is so incredible; when Sig started being proactive about leading a happy life it made all the difference. So make sure you spend today thinking thoughts aligned with your dreams. Cut out the thoughts that were bringing you down.



Nobody ever said you have to have it all figured it out because Sig promises you that nobody does. What matters most is to keep working on yourself, keep allowing yourself to heal, grow, learn, and stay humble.

Whenever you feel like your work is done, start all over again and remember that all of it is worth it. Just take it from Sig. For him, his art is a work in progress and so is he. It evolves and changes as he does.

“I would say my art belongs to more like expressionism. Although I don’t really like to define my art because my art is, it’s different. It changes. It’s a reflection of me. It’s a reflection of the universe. We are always growing, changing, shifting, and expanding. So when I expand, when I change, when I become something greater and I mean greater we don’t know what greater is, you know, especially for somebody like me I’m such a seeker.

“I’m always changing. I’m a different person two days ago, you know because of things I read or because of the different sorts of energies that I surround myself with and insights. So my art expands with that. The more I become me, the more my art sort of changes because the way I express myself is different from the way I would express myself a year ago, two years ago.”

Just like Sig, think about how you are a work in progress. Think about how much you have grown and changed in the last year. Imagine how you’ll continue to change each year for the rest of your life. What is something about yourself that you can work on today?



It’s a simple law of attraction that you get back what you put out into the universe. Put out positive energy and positivity is what you will receive. Sig believes that by putting your energy into the world shows that you are open to change, to learn, and to receive help. [That] the more energy you spend living your dreams, the more that energy will spread to other people. “I would say it would come on the expressionism. I would say I’m creating something different. I would say it comes on the I’m an energetic painter because I would always follow the energy of the subject that I’m painting, when the person hates, what is the person’s energy? What is the beauty about that person? And I would find that energy and I would express it in my art. I love to read. I also do energy work. I love to study about energy work such as Reiki. I recently got my qualification to be an access bars practitioner. Access bars is another energy support process.”

Just like Sig, exercise the laws of attraction today. No matter what happens to you, keep sending out good energy to the universe and see what it brings back for you.



We’re all artists who have been given the inherent power to create and shape our own lives. With this in mind it’s vital to never lose your sense of carefree wonder and curiosity about yourself and the world around you. For Sig, the only way to experience more creativity was to just keep creating.

“That’s the thing, I always love, I enjoy chaos. I really love creating. I love this saying, one of my favorite authors says, “Don’t wait, create.” So I’m always creating. I started an organization called “Wear Kindness,” very very recently. Wear Kindness is an organization that promotes basically kindness in everyday life. We promote kindness through clothing, wellness events, and also art.

“We have t-shirts and we sell those t-shirts and these amazing t-shirts have a logo and quotes about kindness on them and also part of the money that we get from these events then we donate to a special cause. Recently, we donated some money to True Manila. We visited Edwin who is the founder of True Manila and donated some money and help him out and got to know these really wonderful kids who he takes care of and looks after.

Just like Sig, don’t be cautious with your creativity—let it out. Some of it will be extraordinary and some mediocre. Never stop trying.



Life will bring you every kind of emotion and experience you can think of, and plenty that you’d never even imagine. Sig tries to take everything that comes to him with gratitude. Life is about not knowing and making the best of any situation.

“I currently have a new show that I’m presenting on FOX Life and it’s a travel show, it’s called To A T and it already started airing last January. How do I get so lucky to travel around the world and experience really wonderful things? You know, I just truly enjoy it. I truly enjoy it because I enjoy writing. Writing is something that comes very, very easy for me especially travel writing. But just writing in general: writing about my journeys, journaling, gratitude journaling.”

Just like Sig, think about something wonderful that lies ahead for you. Start a daily gratitude notebook. List ten things you are most grateful for on a daily basis.

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