GARINS GIVE UP GUNS PNP: to check on family’s security agencies, too

JOURNALISTS check the assorted firearms surrendered by Rep. Richard Garin and Mayor Oscar Garin of Guimbal, Iloilo to the police, Dec 28, 2018. (Jennifer P. Rendon)

By: Jennifer P. Rendon and Francis Allan L. Angelo

ILOILO first district Rep. Oscar “Richard” Garin, Jr. and Mayor Oscar Garin Sr. of Guimbal, Iloilo surrendered their firearms to the PNP on Dec 28, 2018.

The Garins made the move after PNP Director General Oscar Albayalde ordered on Dec 27 the cancellation of all Permits to Carry Firearms outside of Residence (PTCFOR) and License to Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF) issued by the PNP to father and son.

Vice-Governor Christine Garin and her sister AAMBIS-Owa party-list Rep. Sharon Garin personally delivered 14 firearms of assorted calibers with ammunition to the Guimbal PNP station at around 9:30 a.m. Friday.

Senior Supt. Marlon Tayaba, Iloilo Police Provincial Office (IPPO) director, and Senior Supt. John Jomil Trio, Regional Civil Security Unit 6 chief, received the guns.

Right after the turn over, the PNP Regional Intelligence Division and the PNP Regional Civil Security Unit (RCSU) served the notice of cancellation of the Garins’ PTCFOR and LTOPF to the lady vice governor.

Based on PNP records, Rep. Richard Garin is the registered owner of 11 firearms, 3 of which have expired licenses, while Mayor Oscar Garin is the registered owner of 8 firearms, 5 of which also have expired licenses.

Rep. Garin turned over 9 of the 11 firearms – a Colt 5.56 mm rifle, a machine pistol, an SA rifle, a machine pistol HK, a Colt .45 pistol, a Glock pistol, a CZ pistol, a Llama pistol and an STI caliber .45 pistol.

Vice Gov. Ting-Ting Garin said 2 other firearms – a Colt 5.56 rifle and a BRSA pistol – are in Metro Manila.

“Since the licenses of these two firearms are deemed revoked, we could not transport them anymore,” Vice Gov. Garin said.

Tayaba advised her to turn over the remaining guns to the nearest police station as soon they find the firearms.

On the other hand, Mayor Garin surrendered 5 of his 8 firearms – a 12-gauge shotgun, a Colt .45 pistol, a Colt .380 pistol, a Parao pistol; and an STI pistol.

Tayaba said the mayor lost 3 other firearms – a Taurus pistol, a Glock pistol, and a Colt pistol – in Sept. 2017 and Oct. 2017, based on police reports.

Senior Supt. Jomil John Trio, RCSU regional chief, explained to Vice Gov. Garin that the firearms would be temporarily kept at Guimbal Police Station before being transferred to the RCSU storage facility.

But if later, the two embattled Garins would seek for reconsideration of the revocation of their licenses, they could apply before the PNP Firearms Licensing Revocation and Restoration Board (FLRRB) headed by the Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO).



Amid accusations that her father and brother had figured in other physical confrontation with other personalities before, Vice Gov. Garin said anyone has the right to complaint.

“For now, let’s just wait for the result of the investigation,” she said.

But the vice governor reiterated that she will always have respect for the PNP.

“It just happens that if they have gone at odds with one person, it doesn’t mean that we’re against the PNP,” she said.

When asked for her message to their supporters, especially in the province’s first district, Vice Gov. Garin said their constituents know the temperament of Richard and Oscar.

“They know that Richard and my father wouldn’t be doing this without any reason,” she said.

Vice Gov. Garin also asked those who judged their family to let the investigation take its course.



The PNP Regional Civil Service Unit (RCSU) is also checking on the documents of the two security agencies operated by a member of the Garin family

These security agencies are Executor Security Agency and Executix Security Agency.

RCSU records showed that Executor is a single-proprietorship company.

But the PNP did not reveal the identity of its registered owner.

Meanwhile, Executrix Security Agency is the subject of a cease to operate (CTO) order for failure to renew its license to operate

An RCSU employee said Executrix already surrendered 32 assorted firearms in April, June, and December 2018.



Rep. Garin, Mayor Garin Sr. and two John Does are facing criminal and administrative charges for allegedly manhandling and threatening at gunpoint PO3 Federico Macaya Jr. of Guimbal Police Station.

The criminal charges included direct assault, grave coercion, grave threat, physical injuries, slander by deeds, serious illegal detention, and alarm and scandal.

The administrative charges, on the other hand, are for grave misconduct, conduct unbecoming of a public official, oppression and  abuse of power, and conduct prejudicial to the interest of the interest of the public.

Rep. Richard Garin had publicly apologized for the “scuffle” that happened between him and his father Mayor Oscar Garin, and a member of the Guimbal municipal police station.

Regarding sa incident sa Guimbal Plaza nga natabo kaina (Dec 26, 2018), first and foremost, nagapangayo ako sang pasensiya especially sa Philippine National Police as an institution, and also sa officers and personnel sang PNP upon whom I have great respect,” Rep. Garin said in a statement.

The episode stemmed from a rumble that happened 12:45 a.m. of Dec. 22, 2018 at the food court area in Guimbal town, where Macaya was allegedly manhandled.

A certain Noel Gicana, 21, of Barangay Cabubugan, Guimbal, complained that Vergil Gegato, the son of an incumbent Sangguniang Bayan member of Guimbal, struck him with an empty bottle of beer.

Gicana suffered wounds on his head and right foot. But he decided not to sue Gegato by executing an affidavit of non-interest to file the case.

Macaya was one of the two police investigators assigned to the case.

This allegedly irked Mayor Oscar Garin Sr. after he saw Gicana slightly limping.

Gicana claimed Macaya allegedly asked him to drop and settled the case.

The Garins wanted the victim to pursue the case against Gegato to serve as a lesson.

But Macaya said Gicana decided to drop the case as he does not want his mother, who is an overseas Filipino worker, to worry about him.

Macaya’s alleged intervention in the case led to the confrontation with the Garins Wednesday morning.

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Garin narrated what happened on Dec 22.

Sang Sabado, December 22 may natabo nga kinagamo sa Guimbal Plaza, during the celebration sang Disyembre sa Guimbal. Ang suspect may gin-sakit nga isa ka bata. Gamay man lang tani ina nga disturbo ugaling ang suspect isa ka habitual delinquent. Ang suspect may pending case for murder which was filed when he was only 15 years old,” he said

The lawmaker said that despite of the circumstances, Macaya allegedly told the victim (Gicana) to withdraw the case against Gegato.

This, Rep. Garin said, is a clear infraction of the law stating that a case should be filed

“What the police did was, to me, is a betrayal of public trust and abuse of his position. What he (Macaya) did was clearly against the policy of the PNP not to move for the settlement of the case on the victim’s camp in a criminal case,” he said.

Despite what happened, Rep. Garin said he sincerely apologizes for what happened.

“I reiterate my apologies for my actions which I take full responsibility for. But I want to clarify that my actions are not directed to the PNP as an institution, or against its officers and personnel. My actions were a mere display of extreme frustration towards one, single PNP personnel, which for me, committed a great disservice to the people of Guimbal,” he said in conclusion.

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