US, PHL Coast Guards conduct maritime law enforcement training

U.S. and Philippine Coast Guardsmen participate in a Maritime Law Enforcement Boarding Officer Course in Manila, Philippines,in November.

THE US Coast Guard (USCG) Mobile Education and Training Team (MTT) conducted two Maritime Law Enforcement (MLE) training courses with the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in November 2018.

The courses, an MLE Boarding Officer Course (BOC) and MLE Instructor Development Course (IDC),teach maritime law enforcement procedures and fundamentals.

Both the MLE BOC and MLE IDC were funded by the Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).  The courses are the first in a series of training events that will expand the U.S. government’s partnership with the PCG.

The two-week long MLE BOC trained 24 students on international and domestic jurisdictions and boundaries, boarding vessels at sea, arresting and detaining subjects, identifying hidden compartments on vessels, and testing for illicit substances.

The course ended with a culminating exercise during which students completed a reality-based boarding scenario on an actual vessel using the techniques learned during the course.

The MLE IDC, also a two-week course, is a train-the-trainer course which instructs international students on training others in MLE.

The course included instruction in classroom management and presentation, developing lesson plans, utilizing reality-based training scenarios, and critical MLE skills such as handcuffing and frisking techniques.

MLE IDC graduates can teach the MLE BOC to otherstudents.  Twelve students completed the course.

INL, under the motto “Security Through Justice,” helps countries deliver justice and fairness by strengthening their police, courts, and corrections systems.


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