Apologies and due process

IT IS GOOD that Iloilo first district Rep. Richard Garin apologized for the alleged mauling of a police officer assigned in their hometown Guimbal on Wednesday. As to his explanation on their outburst at PO3 Federico Macaya Jr., it is up to the people of Guimbal and the province to judge.

With his apology comes the reality of facing the consequences of his actions and that of his father, Guimbal Mayor Oscar Garin Sr.

Let’s face it. Some, but not all, police officers were also involved in crimes worse than what the Garins allegedly committed against PO3 Macaya. Some were involved in illegal drugs, extortion, kidnap-for-ransom, and other heinous crimes. Time and again, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte even threatened to “kill” these scalawags in uniform.

But we are firm on our stand that nobody, including erring police officers, should be hurt or deprived of their liberty and lives sans due process. And we believe that both PO3 Macaya and the Garins deserve the opportunity and venue to explain their respective sides.

The actions and statements of Chief Supt. John Bulalacao are worth noting as he stood by his officers. His no-nonsense leadership would prompt any politician from taking advantage of police officers and the issues stemming from the Guimbal incident.

Some spin-doctors are ready to pounce on the issue for the benefit of their principals, but I firmly believe that Chief Supt. Bulalacao would not allow them to use the PNP for their own personal and political gains.

Halong lang kay Gen. Bulalacao, basi masinda kamo.  



Renowned Ilonggo artist Rock Drilon, a son of Dumangas, Iloilo, tagged me in his Facebook post on Wednesday calling out the Department of Public Works and Highways to the alleged vandalism and even cannibalism of a portion of the Iloilo Esplanade near Gaisano Capital mall in LaPaz, Iloilo City.

Mr. Drilon, whose brother Rex Drilon II and cousin Senator Franklin Drilon helped promote and develop the city and province of Iloilo as investment hubs, said “mambabakal” or “scavengers” are tearing apart the Esplanade fence.

We join Rock in calling out DPWH to check on this.

Kanugon sang milyones nga gingasto sa Esplanade.  

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