New artists showcase their journey to discovery at ILOMOCA’s Caught in a Crossfire

ART THRIVES as a form of escape to an alternate reality. In a worldly sense where one delves to find answers to unfathomable questions, it is a form of therapeutic excursion that aims to question meaning, find solace, and ultimately, reach self-actualization.

Such is the inspiration behind the Caught in a Crossfire exhibit at the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art (ILOMOCA), featuring new Ilonggo artists and a promising Bacolodnon sculptor. The showcase promises to evoke moments of ‘parting and becoming’ with old ideals and fresh realizations.

Caught in a Crossfire is an exhibition of artworks that explores the introspection of each individual artist, stressing their own reality that ultimately sheds answers to life’s uncertainties.


Showcasing world-class Filpino artistry

The exhibit features 13 Ilonggo artists who each depict how it is to live in a society filled with fantastical realms and reality gusts. Each of their masterpieces attempt to answer questions that ultimately dictate a purpose to the individual.

What is the message that Roland Llarena wants to convey with his ‘Grave of the Fireflies’? In the same vein, Moreen Austria’s ‘To Be or Not to Be; To Go or Not to Go’ poses a question about one’s potential towards success amid varying expectations and introspection.

Meanwhile, Tyrone Dave Espinosa features the daily struggles of one’s individuality that threatens its existential purpose with his artwork entitled ‘Savage Encounter.’

Other artists, such as Michael Pamonag’s ‘Boundary Oil,’ Joebert Gayoma’s ‘Nefarious and Desperate,’ and Jason Delgado’s ‘Where to Lay my Head,’ all tell the story of a human’s finite prowess of arriving at a decision that bears the same importance as their existence.

“We are honored to help promising Filipino artists showcase their masterpieces here in ILOMOCA as a way of supporting them and putting the spotlight onto their craft. Art and culture play very significant roles in the continued development of our townships, and it is through exhibits like this that we are able to continue inspiring more people to embrace our brand of artistry and creativity,” says Tefel Pesigan-Valentino, vice president for Business Development and Marketing, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.


An arts and culture jewel in Asia’s ‘best township’

ILOMOCA is Megaworld’s first-ever museum located within Iloilo Business Park, the company’s bustling 73-hectare township development in Western Visayas which was recently feted as the Country Winner for ‘Best Township Development in Asia’ at the 2018 Asia Property Awards held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The facility proudly embraces the distinction as the first art institution in Visayas and Mindanao exclusively dedicated to showcasing the works of Filipino and Ilonggo artists within the realm of modern and contemporary art. As a major component in the development of Iloilo Business Park, ILOMOCA serves as a platform for Megaworld in reinforcing its thrust to preserve and promote Filipino artistry, culture, and creativity.

Caught in a Crossfire runs at the Hulot Gallery on the ground floor of ILOMOCA from December 14 until January 30, 2019.

Know more about Caught in a Crossfire exhibit, visit ILOMOCA on Facebook or call (033) 320-9903 or (033) 328 1028.

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