About Us

The Daily GUARDIAN which started as a weekly in February 2000, is a publication of Kayo & Partners, a renascent Iloilo-based publication firm composed of Iloilo’s most respected, veteran journalists. It is an Iloilo based newspaper with bureaus in Kalibo, Boracay, Roxas, Bacolod, Antique, Guimaras and Manila.


Our Mission

To become an independent guardian of truth and justice; socially responsive and un-compromising exponent of positive change and public enlightenment.


Our Vision

A successful and reliable newspaper the Ilonggos are proud of; highly  respected by its readers; and trusted by the community it responsibly serves.





Lemuel T. Fernandez, is a former President of the Iloilo Press Club for three terms and a former editor of local dailies. Aside from journalism, he is also a budding connoisseur and a well-respected leader in the industry.



Francis Allan L. Angelo, studied Political Science at the University of the Philippines- Visayas. He has been with media for the past 11 years. A badminton addict and practical shooting enthusiast.



Some claim Western Visayas for their age. Others claim the number one tag for the emptiness of it. Still others overstress the people on how to read and understand the news. Never mind the fly-by nights. But what is it that really matters in the field of journalism? Longevity and number? Self proclaim leadership?

The Daily GUARDIAN has proven that having a vision and mission of a balanced and responsible newspaper is the secret to leadership in the newspaper industry. While other outlets have disclaimers and fictitious editorial staff, The Daily Guardian has withstood the test of time, unwavering in our ideals as we remain focused on our objective of giving Ilonggos a regional newspaper they can trust and respect.

The Daily GUARDIAN’s birth has revolutionized the newspaper industry in Western Visayas through fair and balanced news, exciting and edifying graphics and visuals, and views and opinions that matter to the lives of our readers. All of these factors have made The Daily GUARDIAN the most read, respected and imitated daily newspaper in the region.

Obviously we set the pace and command the trend. Why gamble on copycats?


Your ads will stand out because The Daily GUARDIAN stands out!

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